…kaum erwacht der Sommer mal aus seinem Winterschlaf, können wir uns schon auf den Herbst freuen: Ultha + Cold Cell + Thron, alle drei auf der Bühne des Artik.

ARTIK Freiburg und der Slow Club präsentieren:

Ultha ist eine fünfköpfige Metal-Band aus Köln, die sich einer unheilvollen Gratwanderung zwischen Black Metal, Doom und Dark Wave verschrieben hat. Inhaltlich beschäftigt sich die Band mit dem verzweifelten Streben des Menschen nach Glück, welches doch von Anbeginn zum Scheitern verurteilt ist. Im Oktober letzten Jahres veröffentlichten Ultha ihr drittes Album „The Inextricable Wandering“ auf Century Media Records.


ColdCell was founded in 2012 out of the ashes of Atritas, one of Basels oldest Black Metal bands who decided to do a complete restart for musical and conceptional reasons. ColdCell’s sound is still based in Black Metal, but although the terminus Swiss-German-Icelandic Extreme Rock’n’Roll has an ironic touch, it is seriously meant in a way to state that there are no musical borders for ColdCell; no matter if it’s Doom, psychedelic-psychotic Synthie-passages, industrial elements or simple rock patterns: As long as it fits to the musical and conceptional vision, everything (extreme) is allowed. Like the music, also the lyrics differ from typical Black Metal topics. ColdCell is the musical manifest of the modern individual’s prison: The modern news world, the globalized, digital society, a virtual designed image. Humanity as a sick species without consciousness, arbitrarily exchanging its gods, its ethics, its principles, isolated within the anonymous masses. The only benchmark is mammon, the individual is lost within stimulus satiation and shallow-brained social networks. The cell in the band’s name has a double meaning: First as a constructed, bred human cell, produced and used for industrial purposes: human being as a single wheel within the system. And second, the cell as a metaphor for the isolation arrest of the individual, lost within the masses, finding no connections. Needless to say, there is a lot of irony, sarcasm, cynicism and scorn in every aspect of ColdCell’s work.


Formed in 2015 as a project of experienced, devoted musicians from German bands in the Black Forest region, Thron’s initial goals were to play authentic black/death in the spirit of the early to mid ’90s. Heavily influenced by bands like Dissection, Unanimated, Sacramentum and Mercyful Fate among others, the band creates a symbiosis of icy melodies, harshness and a haunting atmosphere, without being too poppy and pretentious.
In January 2017, Thron released their self titled debut album via Clavis Secretorvm. Now they are back with their second assault, called Abysmal, which sees a release on renowned french Listenable Records.



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