Mighty Pressure Crew Presents:

.-+ DJ HIDDEN +-.
He´s a Dutch musician, DJ and art designer known for his unique take on Drum ‘n Bass, Hardcore and various other genres of electronic music. His productions are often described as dark, haunting and cinematic. The response of people everywhere is what really drives him to bring his work out into the open. It continuously causes a chain reaction of new thoughts and ideas that is unlikely to stop any time soon.
His Last Album „The Nightmare Connector“ is an epic Story through your badest Nightmares. The Artwork for this Masterpiece got drawn by Jakob Klug also know as DJ Freemerge from our Crew.

.-+ KRYTIKA +-.
Another DJ, Artist, Labelfounder and friend of the crew is Krytika. He provides dark Drum n Bass with a solid attidude thats straight against the Mainstream but always funky enough to keep you slamming the dancefloor. If you dont know him or his label you will remember it afterwards.
Label: www.soundcloud.com/krytikaproductions

.-+ KLAFF +-.
A skilled Producer and great DJ is Klaff of the Kamel Fruit Crew. He´s spinning records like other people ride bikes – handsfree crashing right into your face! Expect deep n dark Jungle as well as forward thinking breakish stuff selected with a caring fist.

.-+ MPC +-.
Eight Dudes, eight tastes of DnB, UK Bass, Crossbreed and Tekk. We serve a fine selection of our broad spectrum of breakbeats to share our passion of music. MPC are:
WodkaJoe, Mad Merlin, Synetic, Freemerge, Bassline K, Dubisfaction, IndustriegeBEAT and Leonski.

.-+ Optics +-.
There will be a special Visual Showcase wrapping up the
artwork of Freemerge and some Video Fragments to a unique Show you only get once!

10 DJ´s 2 Floors
Visual Showcase
Free Shots @ Entry
23-0 Uhr: 10€
ab 0 Uhr: 12€

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