Pressure Nights #1
Room 1
/ Geostatic
Geostatic has consistently been developing as an artist this year, with multiple releases behind this belt and many gigs that have seen him travel the globe. Crossing paths in the early stages of crafting Transparent Audio, Known for his sonic calibre representing the deep and minimal spectrum of drum and bass, Austria-based Geostatic is firmly stamping his name on the scene via his unique influx of stripped-back drums, shades of melancholy, and a catalogue of music that sounds at home in the dance.
/ Switch/case
Switch/case has known for a long time that music and especially drum’n’bass is one of her passions. Whether dreamy and melodic, happy and energetic or minimalist and dark: every form of the genre has found a big place in her heart. This guarantees a diverse selection and combined with skillfull mixing sets you will remember.
/ Dava
– Transparent Audio
/ Kale:a
– Fresh Life
/ Dubisfaction
– Mighty Pressure Crew
Room 2
/ Kai Hummel
/ Kelila [Symptom Bearer]
/ Lineal [MPC]
/ MindFog [Symptom Bearer]

/ NeubaugeBEAT [MPC]

VVK: Early Bird 6,5€ / Normal 9€  
AK: 11€