Ready or Not goes two floors, various styles:

Downstairs we welcome back ‚Julius Steinhoff‘ of Smallville kicking the doper side of House Music alongside your hosts ‚Michael Ellis‘ and ‚van Goetz‘. If you‘re still missing down by the lake, we feel you. But there‘s even more.

Up the stairs is where the wild things are. ‚Juana Valeria‘ of La ruta del Jaguar, ‚DJ Aufregen‘ (I’m no good) and EDEN‘s ‚ANOUC‘ bless you with a fierce blend of UK Garage & Funky, Breaks and Jungle and what not.

Julius Steinhoff (Smallville / Freiburg)

Julius Steinhoff is far from being a stranger in the ever-expanding universe of deep

house. As a Co-Founder and one of the steersmen behind Hamburg’s Smallville

empire (record store and label/ party curator around the globe), half of the dynamic

duo Smallpeople as well as a producer and DJ in his own right, Steinhoff is closely

associated with a group of like-minded people that unite fresh ideas and

individualism with a certain sense of tradition.


That “Flocking Behaviour” was well embodied in Steinhoff’s debut album by the same

name, released in 2014. After a string of 12-inches and tracks for the likes of Live at

Robert Johnson, Geography, White, Mule or his own Smallville brand, the very well-

received Smallpeople long-player “Salty Days” and EPs on Running Back,

Underground Quality as well as remixes for MCDE and others, Julius Steinhoff made

a submission that was all his.

„Flocking Behaviour“ is rooted in the elegiac variety of the big three (New York,

Chicago & Detroit) and paints a romantic picture of house music that is at times

utopian. It was one man’s love letter to his musical passion.


Julius‘ DJ-Sets are focused on a range between Deep House and Techno- always

within the balance of atmospheric warmth and club suitability.


Michael Ellis                                                 van Goetz        


Juana Valeria                                               DJ Aufregen



Beginn: 23 Uhr

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