next Klubnacht this year. This time with well-known local Miu Ling, special guests MOMO, AZIL & Elmar from Leipzig based collective MANIAC and on the other floor Superphly, Zalo & Juju for finest House & Disco music.

special food stand by „SOLITOPF – Umverteilungsprojekt für Menschen mit Fluchterfahrung“ – Donations welcome!

NO space for racism, sexism, antisemitism, homo – or trans*phobia and any other form of discrimination!


Floor 1 (Techno)

Floor 2 (House, Disco)

  • Superphly B2B Zalo B2B Juju

09.02.2024 // 23:00-05:00

Presale: click here!

Tickets at the door: 10€ before 00.00h // 12€ after 00.00h

We are looking forward,
come over and dance with us all night long!