we are back at ArTik Freiburg for our next event!
This time we invited a selection of finest Freiburger locals and a special guest from Basel: Elsa.
NO SPACE FOR RACISM, ANTISEMITISM, SEXISM or any other kind of Discrimination!
Awareness Team on site. Watch out for further informations!


Auditorium [Breakbeat, UK Bass, Techno, House]:

Empore [HipHop, House, Dancehall, RnB]:

02.03.2024 // 23:00 – 05:00 Uhr

We have two price categories for presale tickets:
● Early Bird – 10€ (tax included) limited to 25 tickets
● Final presale – 12€ (tax included) limited to 125 tickets

Link: click here!

Tickets at the door:
12€ before 00:00
14€ after 00:00

Because of the rising costs of certain things such as materials for our events, beverages and wages of the ArTik team, salaries of the Awareness Team and invited artists, we unfortunately have to raise the ticket price in order to refund our spendings. This is why we have two price categories and higher priced tickets at the door.
Therefore, we kindly ask you to reflect on your
own financial situation and decide which price you are able to pay. We also encourage you to act in solidarity with others, who may not be able to pay the full presale price.
If you can’t afford a ticket, do not hesitate to contact us via dm on instagram or via mail. We will find a solution together <3
Thank you for your understanding & cooperation!
We are looking forward to dance with u again!
till then,