Get ready for the revelation of obliqua. For the first session we have invited artists, who bring you the right sound to lose yourself in the music:

Nicky Schelle

Nicky Schelle is an artist based in Freiburg. His sound is described as minimalist yet deeply engaging. It revolves around the hypnotic resonance of dull kicks paired with driving basslines. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable musical journey as he kicks off the evening with a special set, setting the perfect tone for the first SESSION.

Miu Ling

Miu Ling (she/her), originally from Southkorea and now based in Freiburg, likes to play techno from dreamy to dark, in its fullest range. The venues she has played include Elysia, Lehmann, Renate and Nordstern. As co-founder and part of ravenna and Resonate Room she curates events in Basel and Freiburg.

Ina Kovic b2b Liridon

Ina Ković and Liridon share not only a long-standing friendship but also a passion for our universally beloved 4/4 beat. The latest and oldest members of the Youth Life Crew, they seamlessly blend on the turntables like two puzzle pieces perfectly fitting together. Their music is a blend of driving, energetic Techno with a touch of soulful spark. Together, they create a synergy that transforms the dance floor into a scorching affair. Lace up your shoes a bit tighter this time, as these two can’t wait to fire up the four turntables and crank up the volume!

Numa Nigoul

Numa Nigoul is an artist, born in Argentina and now based in Freiburg. With 15 years he learned mixing and created his unique sound over the years. He is known for his sweet selection of hypnotic, funky and ass shaky techno. To conclude the first SESSION, he will wrap up the night with a dynamic and energetic set, leaving you eager for the next time!


30.03.2024 // 23:00 – 05:00 Uhr 


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Tickets at the door: 14€

(no re-entry)



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