🌿 In full bloom 🌸

🌿Heap (Neubau | Wien)

🌿Klingberg (RAS | Basel)

🌸 DJoy (Radio 80000 | München)

🌸 Emanuela de Luca (Bag of Goodies | Tübingen)

🌸 Michael Ellis (Ready or Not | Freiburg)

Tanz in den Mai is back with our original recipe: Hosting artists we hold dear and whose music we cherish.

This time, Klingberg invites Heap for an extended set. Hailing from Vienna and behind labels like „Neubau“ and „Wiener Brut“ he delivers minimalist, slow-tempo tracks that oscillate between Synth-Wave, Dub, Cosmic, Techno and Electro. Add some DIY tapes by Viennese underground artists, and you got yourself a trip. Klingberg will be around for start and finish.

On the brighter side of sound, Ellis brings together two women that know how to throw down jams. French DJ Emanuela de Luca is usually busy hosting her club night „Bag of Goodies“ for more than 30 years now. Soul, Disco and House music that keeps on making you hot gets us ready for dancing with DJoy. Her monthly residency „Joyride“ on Munich’s Radio 80000 showcases all-you-can-dance-to-music with a strong focus on Underground House tracks. Michael Ellis is happy to take over for the last leg of the night.

Time of love, time of year – temperature’s rising, our bodies near“ (Donna Summer)

Find out more about our artists:

Heap: https://soundcloud.com/heapvienna
DJoy: https://soundcloud.com/d_djoy
Emanuela de Luca: https://www.mixcloud.com/donnamanou/
Klingberg: https://soundcloud.com/klingberg
Michael Ellis: https://soundcloud.com/ellis

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brighterdays.freiburg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brighterdaysfreiburg

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Tickets at the door: 15€
(no re-entry)

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